Box Transport

Box Transport

◆ Each Successful Registrant will be offered complimentary transportation of one model aircraft with total crate size not exceeding 1.8 m3 in volume to and from Rongcheng for the event. To save space and as long as the 1.8 m3 are met, the model can be packed in more than one box.

◆ For extra crate volume needed over and above 1.8 m3, each registrant shall bear his/her own incremental cost.

◆ Official cargo forwarder for our event is APT Show Freight Logistics ( It has global service coverage.

◆ APT offers door to door services either directly or via local agents for countries in Europe (including U.K.), North America, Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). For countries in Africa, Central and South America, please check with APT first on whether door to door service is available. Central collection is readily available anyway.

◆ WARNING: NO batteries, fuel or any other prohibited dangerous substances should be contained in the crate!!!

◆ For detail transportation queries, please contact Ms. Shelly Li via email 

If the registrant(s) needs to courier anything to Rongcheng before or during the 13th JWM, please use following address and contact person. 

Address: No.86, Haiwan South Road, KECHUANG Building, Rongcheng, Shandong, China

Contact: Yue WANG 

Tel: +86-17606261038

Organized by: Beijing ABird Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Shining Building, NO.35,Xueyuan Road,Haidian District, Beijing