Organization Judges

Organization Judges

Applicable rules: IJMC Scale Jet Classes 2018. 

Rulebook and Judges Guidelines JWM 2019 (please refer to ). 

Overall Chief Judge and Chief Judge Static

- Heinz Schaer, Switzerland  

Chief Judge Flying

- John Roth, USA  

Documentation Check / Reserve Judge

-  Baojing Huo, China  

Static Judging Team A (Side Views)

- Team leader Bill Grimsley, Scotland

- Eric Wong, China

- Matti Jyllilä, Finland  

Static Judging Team B (Details)

- Team leader, Heinz Schaer, Switzerland

- Marco Inga, Italy,

- Emilio Campo Lopez, Spain  

Flight Judging

- Team leader, John Roth, USA

- Alexey Prokhorov, Russia

- Evert Tjepkema, Netherland

- Frank Dohrmann, Germany

- Jean-Philippe Laugier, France  

Scoring Officer

- Guenther Knoerr

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