The 13th Jet World Masters Introduction —— Russian Jet Team

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In the 12th JWM held at the airport near Yamijärvi town in Finland in 2017, Russian pilots won the first place in JWM history for the first time.


This club is very young, but he has a wealth of experience. Since 2001, the RUSJET has participated in 9 Jet World Masters. Even the bitter mistakes that we did not avoid on the thorny path of sports of the highest level. But the sweeter were the victories that they won.


Vitaly Robertus. RUSJET Club Chief Pilot. World Champion 2011, 2013 and 2015

For the first time in the history of the JWM (Jet World Masters) series championships, Russian athletes won the first team place, and for the first time removed the undisputed leaders of the previous 22 years - the German team. Four Russian model sportsmen - Vitaly Robertus, Pavel Lapshov, Vasily Eichner and Marat Gorifzanov challenged the strongest teams of model aircraft from around the world in the most complex and prestigious class of jet models.


The 13th JWM in 2019, the defending champion is ready to go!

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