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Rongcheng is a coastal city with rich tourism resources. Its unique geographical location and pleasant climate make Rongcheng one of the best tourist cities in China every summer.

During the JWM2019, it has the most suitable temperature and climate; the official hotel ‘Jiulongsheng Swan Hotel’ and Airfield are in the center of Rongcheng; it takes about 30-40 minutes by taxi to reach every attraction in Rongcheng.

LINE A:Hotel→Chishan→Chejiaohe→Sanggou Bay→Hotel



Distance to the Airfield & Hotel:30KM,30min by Taxi

Tickets: 102RMB per pension,Children under 1.2 meters are free.

Recommended tour time: 2-3 hours.

CHISHAN, known for its reddish granite stone, is 12.8 square kilometers and is a national tourist attraction. The main attractions include:

  • FAHUAYUAN:Founded in the Tang Dynasty, it has a history of more than 1,000 years.


  • Bliss Bodhisattva: Music Fountain Square


  • Tianhou Palace: It was built in 1752 during Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. It has three temple-style buildings and a total of 48 temple buildings.


  • Chishan Mingshen: 33.8 meters high, Chishan Mingshen is the protector of the ancient northern Xianbei minority nationality.


  • Rongcheng Folk Museum: show the folk customs and changes of Rongcheng in modern times through objects, pictures, sculpture simulations, etc., and show the customs of Rongcheng and the wisdom of people.



Tickets: Free

Recommended tour time: half hour

CHEJIAOHE Village is close to the CHISHAN and is a famous flower village. The foot of the village has a long history of flower cultivation, and the flower inherits more than 300 years. The village is now the largest cuckoo and camellia planting base in China.



Tickets: 80 RMB

Recommended tour time: 2-3hours, suitable for parent-child play.

From CHEJIAOHE, take a half-hour drive to SANGGOU BAY Ocean Ranch. You must take a boat trip to the sea to experience the fun of the sea.

Visitors take a fisherman's boat and watch the farmed fish, sea shells and kelp while feeding the seagulls. They can also go to the sea platform to experience fishing, picking scallops, oysters and mussels, they can even cook directly!



SANGGOU BAY is only 9 km from the designated hotel of the competition, and the journey takes 15 minutes.

LINE B: Hotel→Chengshantou→Naxianghai (The Dream Sea)→Jiming Island→Hotel


CHENGSHANTOU is just opposite to South Korea across the sea. It is the first place in China to see sunrise, and its scenery is very beautiful. According to legend, Qin Shihuang (First Emperor of Qin) arrived at this place when he was in the East Tour, and built the "First Emperor Temple" in China. Emperor Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty visited CHENGSHANTOU several times to worship the sun and in search for longevity pills, leaving many relics and legends behind them.

Distance to the Airfield & Hotel:45KM,50min by Taxi

Tickets: 170RMB per pension,Children under 1.2 meters are free.

Recommended tour time: 3-4 hours.




NAXIANGHAI (THE DREAM SEA) is a national-level scenic spot with a 16-kilometer coastline and a 2.5-km beach bath, integrating oceans, islands, beaches, hot springs, pine forests and harbors.

  • XIANGHAI · Diamond Beach Bath

The coast of the XIANGHAI • Diamond Beach Bath is known as ‘Stone Beach’ and is one of the most beautiful eight coasts in mainland China.



  • XIANGHAI • Forest Park

XIANGHAI • Forest Park covers an area of about 130 hectares and is a natural oxygen bar covering black pine.


  • XIANGHAI • Cultural and Art Center

XIANGHAI • Cultural and Art Center is the landmark building of the dream sea, which integrates cultural squares and concert halls. It regularly holds calligraphy and painting exhibitions, photography exhibitions and orchestral performances.


  • XIANGHAI Street

XIANGHAI Street is an English-themed commercial street, including specialty restaurants, bars, cinemas, and shopping malls.




The Jiming Island is one of the famous islands in Rongcheng. It is nearly 400 years old and is in the north of Rongcheng.

The main thing to visit JIMING ISLAND is to fish and taste seafood, look at the scenery of the island and the stone cliff, and then live in the seaweed house. Located in the coastal northeastern part of the Shandong Peninsula, JIMING ISLAND is a beautiful fishing village. Viewed from the air, the shape of the island looks like a rooster, hence the name.

Opening hours: All year around 08:00-16:00

The round-trip fare is 60 yuan per person.




  • SHENDIAO Mountain Wildlife Park:

SHENDIAO Mountain Wildlife Park is a unique wild animal park.

Distance to the Airfield & Hotel:45KM,1hour by Taxi

Tickets: 150RMB per pension,Children under 1.2 meters high are free.

Recommended tour time: 3 hours.

Recommended time for play: more than 3 hours; 45 km from the Sakura Lake competition venue, 1 hour drive. Beautiful scenery, suitable for parent-child play.

When you first enter the zoo, you can see the stone wall of the gods on the head. The stone wall is engraved with the image of hundreds of animals. There are more than 300 kinds of animals in the park, about 4,000, of which there are many rare species, and most of them adopt the method of free-range, which close to nature.




There is a pure fisherman's custom, a fascinating blue sea and blue sky and a natural oxygen bar and the enthusiasm of the fishermen.The traditional houses in the fishing village are made of stone as the wall and seaweed as the top. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is not rotted for a hundred years. The seaweed house here is the most characteristic of the residences of Jiaodong.

The fishermen’s dishes are mostly seafood, and the enthusiastic host will choose the best fresh seafood to entertain guests. Catch the sea, fishing and swimming are the most characteristic activities of the fishing village.


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